About The Justice Desk

We are a human rights non-profit organisation based in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We are on a mission to make positive activism accessible.

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The Justice Desk was established in 2013,

with the main goal of promoting the power of Everyday Activism.

In order to do this, we empower ordinary people to understand and defend their Human Rights,

so that they can transform society and create a more just and equal world.

We currently run over 20 projects in these three countries in the areas of education,

training, bridging, and advocacy.

We also work alongside civil society, NGOs, businesses, and governments to challenge and eliminate the root causes of injustice.

We believe that by empowering ordinary people to understand and defend their Human Rights, they can transform society and create a more just and equal world!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, educate, and equip a global society, so that they may enjoy the full realization of their Human Rights in order to become active agents of change.

Our Objectives

Advocacy: To participate in research, lobbying, and advocacy work aimed at addressing human and earth rights violations.


Education: To create and run various educational and awareness projects in schools, in order to educate and empower students and teachers to become 'Everyday Activists'.


Training: To equip civil society, youth, vulnerable groups, governments, faith groups, NGOs, and various other groups with the necessary skills needed to be agents of change in their communities.


Community Empowerment: To equip and support community members in running various community empowerment projects, aimed at addressing their unique issues. We also create and facilitate opportunities for people to volunteer, immerse, and intern in our various projects, in order to truly understand the injustices we work to overcome.

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