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Advocacy Projects

This department focuses on running projects that speak out against injustice and Human Rights violations, both nationally and internationally, through various lobbying and advocacy initiatives.


This project focuses on research and the gathering of data via informants, written reports, published studies, and other organisations. It is research of this kind that keeps us up-to-date with the goings on in South Central African and ensures that we are always well-equipped to deal with the region’s challenges.


We submit various reports to The United Nations, namely Treaty Body Committee submissions, as well as Universal Periodic Reviews, which present our assessment of the on-going Human Rights situations of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa respectively. This incorporates our identification of persisting problems, the legal frameworks in which they take place, and our own recommendations for resolving various issues.​


We create easy to access online videos which educate people on Human Rights issues. These videos focus on inspiring change, and giving the general public easy to use steps on how they can realistically begin challenging injustice.