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Community Empowerment  Projects

The Community Empowerment department is incredible, it focuses on breaking down barriers, building up hope and creating platforms for voices to be heard & communities to be empowered from within!


The Justice Desk Volunteers work alongside the Missionaries of Charity in Khayelitsha, to provide fun, interactive activities and services to elderly differently-abled individuals.


The motto for this project is loving through boundaries and that says it all. The Umoya project celebrates differences and reminds us that no matter where you are from, your age, race or gender- we are all human and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


The Iziko Lobulumko Project (Fireplace of Wisdom) is a children’s parliament project in that place the voices of children at the forefront of decision making.


Children are also able to access workshops in HIV and AIDS prevention, peer pressure, CV-writing and communication skills.


The topics are delivered in creative and engaging ways, including talks, activities and games.


The Mbokodo Club (The Rock Club) project focuses on offering female empowerment and self-defense classes to girls in vulnerable communities. Self-defense and self-care are promoted, equipping young girls to be able to defend themselves as well as live empowered lives. The motto of this project is “wathint’abafazi wathint’imbokodo” which translates to “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”.    


Ntsika yeThemba (Pillars of Hope) is a project that offers support to young men in vulnerable communities. It focuses on mentorship initiatives for young men who do not have father figures, re-defining and building a positive definition of masculinity. A core focus of this program is to empower young men to be defenders of women in their communities, to respect and understand consent, as well as contribute towards building a safe community for all.

Umzi Wempumelelo Drama Program

Umzi Wempumelelo (Home of Victory) aims to empower vulnerable youth through the use of creative arts, specifically drama.


The project offers drama classes as extra mural activities in schools, as well as community drama, where youth use the medium of drama to process, deal with and overcome the trauma they experience.


This project focuses on healing through art, offering opportunities for vulnerable youth and children to express themselves without the need for words. The project’s core focus is to introduce young people to the world of art, to inspire creativity, and allow them the space to fully express themselves in a safe space. It also gives them the platform to heal and visualise their future in a positive and empowering way.

Happiness House

The Justice Desk’s “Happiness House” Project is a skills centre for unemployed mothers to have the opportunity to learn various income-generating trades. It also serves as a safe space for children after school or during the holidays. 

The Justice Desk has partnered with Lo amo to grow the skills at Happiness House.

Lo amo is an American based brand earthed by the creative mind of the world-renowned artist and jeweller, Tia Crystal. Each one of her jewellery lines has been carefully crafted to share a message with the world. 

With Lo amo, it is all about Putting the Zen into Men