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What is it

Through Human Rights specific trainings & educational materials, The Justice Desk works alongside children and adults across South Central Africa to teach them what their rights are, how they can defend them and how to responsibly work towards creating a just and fair society through the promotion of everyday activism.

Our Trainings

TJD provides justice and human rights education to schools and colleges; as well as trainings in various fields to NPOs, FBOs, Government, Civil Society, Schools and various communities. The key objective is to offer all the opportunities to engage with advocacy work and equip them with the skills needed to be responsible everyday advocates for change.

Get Involved

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The Justice Desk works in over 50 schools across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We train and equip our young people in a variety of areas, including: Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusivity, Gender and Equality. Our aim is to equip a generation of young change-makers, to build a better more equal world.