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"IT IS TIME TO ACT"​ The Justice Desk's '16 Voices in 16 Day Campaign'​

We are proud to introduce our eighth voice in our “16 Voices in 16 Days” Campaign against gender-based violence!

Janine Passenz is the Founder of The Survivors Haven Foundation, a registered NPC. This organisation focuses on advocating against Gender-Based Violence, Victim Support and Youth Development. They strive to develop strong young leaders in their community and surrounding areas. The Survivors Haven Foundation covers a multitude of things, such as awareness programs, workshops, youth development programs, outreach programs, leadership programs, etc. and they do all this to invest in the future of their community. Essentially, the role of the foundation is to ensure the well-being of their community and its people.

The Justice Desk believes in the power of the everyday person, especially in their ability to create lasting, impactful and effective change in their communities! Through this campaign, we hope to both raise awareness to #GBV, but also to unite and inspire others in order to take action within their own spaces. Ending GBV is not the fight of some, but of us all!

Let us never forget to recognise the incredible power that we as South Africans have, when we come together, to make a change.

By amplifying these 16 remarkable changemakers, we hope to inspire YOU in contributing YOUR own thoughts and voice, as we unite in solidarity in the important fight against gender-based violence.

Watch her video below:

Janine Passens

Founder of Survivors Haven Foundation

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