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Meet Edward & Zoë, Our iNtsika yeThemba Power Couple

1. How long have you been together and with Justice Desk Africa? (and in what capacity)

We have been together since high school, so we are high school sweethearts! Edward joined JDA in August 2021 as a volunteer and was appointed as iNtsika coordinator in 2022 (so a year and a half in total). Zoë joined JDA as a volunteer at the start of 2022 and also had a 2-month stint as a communications intern in mid-2022 (so one year in total).

2. What drew you to JDA?

The thing that drew us to JDA was the organisation's approach to everyday activism and the fact that it is ordinary people who have the power to change this world. Often we can feel powerless when we see the intractable problems that face our country and the world at large, but JDA believes that systemic change can happen one person at a time - it is this idea that drew both of us to JDA.

3. How does Justice work bring you together?

Justice work brings us closer together because we can do something that we're both passionate about, TOGETHER! Also, due to the fact that sessions take place every second Saturday, justice work enables us to be more intentional when we do have Saturdays together, which has been phenomenal for our relationship.

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