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Black Panther Fans Merchandise The lack of a Black Panther action figure in stores is a baffling phenomenon that has parents worried. Though Disney denies there is a shortage, many toy review websites cite the movie's popularity as a reason for the lack of "Black Panther" merchandise. As a result, the company may have underestimated the film's popularity among African-American audiences. But, a spokesperson for the company said that a second wave of "Black Panther" toys is coming soon.

The film's popularity has led to a slew of cool collectibles. Fans of the movie are sure to find something they love among the countless Black Panther action figure products on the market. There are many different styles to choose from. Listed below are just a few of the top choices for Black Panther action figure fans. All three are available on Amazon, but some may be sold out within days.

Marvel Legends Series - A more detailed Black Panther action figure. This 6-inch figure comes with additional accessories such as alternate hands and heads and even a vibranium suit. It is priced at $18 and comes with everything that fans need to build their own Panther figure. It also includes a build-a-figure part for additional customization. The figure is also highly detailed, making it an excellent choice for any superhero fan.


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