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Danganronpa Fans Merchandise You can find everything you need to support the Danganronpa anime from chibi figures to cosplay hoodies to hand towels. All the merchandise is made by independent artists and printed on high-quality products. Every purchase you make puts money in the artists' pockets. This way, you can support the creators while also supporting a good cause. What's more, you can even get exclusive merchandise for the fan club.

Danganronpa chibi figures

In Japan, fans of the animated series can now get their hands on Danganronpa chibi figurines. Algernon Product, the company responsible for the production of the characters, created the chibi figures to help promote the movie. The chibi figures are usually referred to as the "Super High School Level Chimi Chara Trading Figure Collection."

The popular Danganronpa franchise is available in a wide variety of formats, from chibi figurines to t-shirts and shoes. Fans of the series can buy Pandanronpan Merch, which includes colorful paint choices and accurate measurements. There are several popular characters in the Danganronpa franchise, including Yoko, the protagonist of the video game series.

Chiaki Nanami, a popular character from the second season of the game, is one of the most sought-after chibi figures available. Chiaki wears a fluffy bunny-themed hat and has long moe sleeves. She contrasts starkly with her rival, Kyouko Bunny. The figure is available in several different colors and MSRPs, with the most popular being "silver."


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