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An Introduction of Fairy Tail

"Fairy Tail" is a manga created by Japanese manga artist Hiro Mashima. Fairy Tail was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2006 to 2017. The first issue of the TV anime adaptation of the same name was broadcast from October 12, 2009 to March 30, 2013, and the second issue was from April 5, 2014 to Aired on March 26, 2016, the 3rd issue aired on TV Tokyo from October 7, 2018 to September 29, 2019, and outside of Japan. Fairy Tail is loved by anime fans around the world.

The story is told in a world full of magic - EARTH LAND, a wizards guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore where many powerful wizards gather - "FAIRY TAIL" (FAIRY TAIL). Although people who have magic power and can use magic in this world are called "wizards", generally speaking, they need to add "guild" to be officially recognized as "wizards", and because of this, many "wizard Guilds" are established. Lucy Heartfilia has always wanted to join and be a member. Under the guidance of "Fairy Tail" member Natsu Dragneel, Lucy finally gets what she wants. And got to know many great wizards. Lucy then formed "The Strongest Team" with Natsu, Grey Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Happy. In this world's noisiest, most violent, but also the happiest guild, countless legends have been created. Through the tasks of various clients, they continue to become stronger, and partners join one by one, and the story gradually unfolds like this .

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