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Nirvana Merch The following Nirvana merch will set you apart from other fans. It pays tribute to the band's late lead singer, Kurt Cobain, who inspired a generation with his lyrics. Many items include a smiley face and Cobain's iconic face. Aside from wearing Nirvana merch, you can also show off your love for the band by sporting a variety of cool Nirvana t-shirts.

Original Nirvana t-shirts

Original Nirvana t-shirts are rare and hard to find, but if you are a fan of the band, you can get your hands on some great t-shirts. The band was one of the biggest in the world in 1993, and their third album In Utero had shocking artwork on the cover. This was used on a promo shirt as well. The graphic, of a winged pregnant woman, was produced using Fruit of the Loom blanks and re-tagged with Brockum's labels. The graphic quickly became a collectible and a pricey item.

The smiley face graphic is credited to Kurt Cobain, but it was actually created by Nirvana's art director Robert Fisher. The image was first used for the Nevermind launch party flier in 1991. Since then, it has been featured on official Nirvana T-shirts. But how did it become so iconic? And who is responsible for the infamous smiley face?


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