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Best Android Weather Apps Widgets

The weather can certainly put a damper on even the best planned vacation. And, if you’re planning to spend a quick drive to the beach this weekend, getting a hold of the latest weather report is the best way to ensure the sunshine keeps streaming down your face.

These Android Weather Apps are designed to bring you the latest weather report and never leave you guessing. But before don’t forget to use apps vpn for android. So the next time you’re heading out of town for a business meeting or a picnic to your favorite spot in the park, then a quick update with these Android Weather Apps will stop the weather from raining down on your parade.

The Weather Channel

Need we say more? The Weather Channel has long been a trusted and comprehensive source for the latest weather reports across the country. This App brings you detailed weather forecasts by the hour, on top of the hour. The Weather Channel App even goes the extra mile by providing you with weather safety tips and advice on the go.

Weather Bug

Get a better picture of the weather by viewing 2,000 weather cameras scattered across the US. Sourcing information from over 10,000 weather stations, Weather Bug offers you a comprehensive source for weather forecasts and updates. Store your location or “drop a pin” on any location to view the latest weather conditions, temperatures or wind speeds. Its Severe Weather Alerts feature will surely keep you safe from adverse weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Go Weather

Go Weather’s smooth animations and user friendly interface will bring you the latest weather forecast from around the world in a visually appealing format. 3D high definition weather videos make it both informative and appealing. It even has an option for letting you save this information for offline viewing.

Animated Weather, Widget Clock

Weather conditions from over 50,000 locations from around the world right at your fingertips. Animated Weather brings you access to the latest weather condition on your home screen. Multiple scene landscapes and user defined backgrounds will make your weather viewing a more personal experience.


AccuWeather brings you the latest weather forecast from around the world and even comes with a multi-lingual feature. Detailed weather information includes wind speeds and direction. Weather alarms for rain, snow, ice and thunderstorms. AccuWeather allows you to store 10 of your favorite locations for easy access to the latest weather information that matters to you.

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