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Training Projects

Is your school, community or company interested in specialised human rights trainings?

Contact training@justicedesk.org for specially tailored human rights, safeguarding and social justice and advocacy trainings.


This project focuses on working specifically with vulnerable communities in order to empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to identify their challenges, and lead their own positive change. The trainings focus on assisting communities in understanding their Human Rights, identifying systemic forms of injustice, as well as planning and coordinating advocacy initiatives aimed at engaging communities in mobilising for positive change to address injustice.​

Trainings include:

Children’s Rights & Responsible Parenting
Protection of Human Rights
Anti-Human Trafficking
Anti-Domestic Violence
Anti-Drug Abuse

Justice & Advocacy

Gender Based Violence

Gender Equality & Female Empowerment

Conflict Resolution

Sexual Health and Rights

Servant Leadership

Disability & Inclusion

Environmental Rights



This project believes that youth are not only our future, but they are our present as well, and therefore have the responsibility to engage in how they want their world to be.


These trainings equip children as young as 11, and as mature as 18, to understand and value their Human Rights, visioning for their futures, and engaging in establishing safe and productive communities. Equipping youth with the ability to engage their communities in advocacy initiatives and how to run campaigns on the issues they face, is a major component of these trainings.