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Who we are:

To educate, advocate for and equip youth, vulnerable groups, civil society, and governments in human rights, justice and advocacy in order to lead their own positive change.

We are a Human Rights non-profit organisation based in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  

We were established in 2013, with the main goal of Promoting the Power of Everyday Activism.

In order to do this, we empower ordinary

people to understand and defend their Human Rights - so that they can transform society and create a more just and equal world!

We also work alongside civil society, NGOs, businesses, and governments across the globe to challenge and eliminate the root causes of injustice.

Our Mission

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Together we can create a world where every child, woman, man and person has knowledge of and access to their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Our Vision

Our Values

These values define who we are as The Justice Desk:

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Make an Impact

Our Team


Jessica Dewhurst is a human rights defender from South Africa. She is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning NPO, The Justice Desk, which focuses on educating, and equipping youth, government, and civil society in human rights.


She has been named one of South Africa’s most inspiring youth; and has received awards from the South African presidency, The Obama Foundation, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She is a passionate and proud South African, who believes in the power of everyday activists.

Board of Governors

The Justice Desk is an officially registered non-profit organisation under South African law.

Our NPO number is (186-262). According to South African law, the legal governing authority of our organisation is our Board of Governors. They meet every three months and oversee the overall governing of the organisation.


At the end of each year, we report to the South African Department of Social Development with narrative and financial reports. We also submit quarterly and year-end reports to each funder.

Our board members can be found below:

Advisory Commitee

Advisory Committee members are former board members who finished their terms and were invited by the Chairperson to sit on the Advisory Committee based on their extraordinary contributions and commitment to the organisation.


These members serve in an advisory role to our current board members, as well as offer their guidance, expertise and support to board members and the Executive Management Team of the organisation.