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Justice Desk Africa's Justice Ambassadors are key individuals selected from various countries, who endorse and promote the work that Justice Desk Africa is doing across the globe. 


Our Justice Ambassadors are the organisation's official ambassadors in their countries. They give talks on Justice Desk Africa in colleges and schools, as well as events and conferences. They are the face of various JDA campaigns and videos, as well as run various fundraising campaigns. Some have run marathons, hosted gala dinners, and many other events. Collectively have raised thousands of Rands for our organisation.


They are an incredible part of Justice Desk Africa family and they proudly wave our flag across the globe.

Meet our Justice Ambassadors

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“I am Alexi, a proud 2023 Ambassador for Justice Desk Africa! I have had the privilege of growing up alongside Justice Desk Africa as I started volunteering at the age of 15. Having been exposed to existing injustices and recognizing the need for action through activism, Justice Desk Africa has been the perfect opportunity to work alongside communities to create empowering change. For this reason I am honoured to be an ambassador promoting everyday activism alongside such an inspirational team!”

“Hi, I’m Freddie! I was first a part of Justice Desk Africa in 2022 when I interned alongside an amazing team conducting lifechanging work. Whilst there, I saw the immense beauty of Africa, but also the systemic injustices at play. I knew that JDA’s work was vital to changing this!

Cape Town felt like a second home, however, I could not stay forever. I am now back in London and currently completing my masters in Intelligence and International Security at King’s College London. Here, human rights has remained at the forefront of my mind in both academic work and general life. I look forward to spreading the work of Justice Desk Africa and remaining part of the family.”

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“I started as an intern with JDA having finished my Bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations. I now work in the sustainability sector in London, with a particular emphasis on impact investing. I decided to become a JDA Ambassador after my time in South Africa, as I felt that the work was incredibly multi-faceted and ranged from grass-roots level right up to institutional change. The individuals that run the organization, as well those that take part in the programs, are clearly motivated by challenging misconceptions, exposing injustices and upholding human rights for all. In short, JDA is a very special environment and group of people!”
Leonie is our Justice Ambassador from Germany. She was once an intern at the Justice Desk Africa
and since then stayed in touch and supported the work of our organisation from afar. Leonie is passionate about seeing children live up to their
full potential, as individuals with rights that entitle them to get involved in all matters affecting their lives. With degrees in social sciences and human rights, Leonie dedicates her professional career to the fight for social justice for children and disadvantaged members of the society. She currently works in development cooperation for a German child aid organisation

“The reason why I wanted to be a part of Justice Desk Africa was because it's an organisation that I truly believe in, an organisation that is changing thousands of lives on a daily basis in South Africa.There's so many NGOs these days in South Africa, but I don't feel very many do as much work as Justice Desk Africa does. 


My goal as a Justice Ambassador is to really focus on the Mbokodo Project to promote that and to fundraise for them. Because women are the future and these women really deserve all the support that they can get. I also want to raise awareness about Mbokodo in Korea to try and get Koreans to come over to South Africa and to come volunteer at Justice Desk Africa and ultimately, get our friends BTS over to South Africa as well.”

"As I'm Korean, seeing Justice Desk Africa and the work they're doing and their philosophies, I’ve realised it’s really important to Korea. We’re well-known as a country of technologies and KPOP music but a lot of that is also just surface. But in our society, there's a lot of gender gap issues, a problematic hierarchy system as well as military problems. And also, it's getting multicultural in Korea, very slowly, but we have a lot to learn from South Africa and Justice Desk Africa on how to deal with the issues that arise with that."
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