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As an organization, we are inspired by the life of Blessed Edmund Rice and his vision for a just and equal world. We believe in his values of presence, compassion and liberation and try to practice these values in our work.


Edmund, an Irishman born in 1762, believed in the value, dignity and worth of each and every person, and with incredible dedication and self-sacrifice – he dedicated his entire life to this mission. He served the most marginalized of society, working with the elderly, street children, prisoners, and many others cast out by society. His legacy lives on today as many people continue to be inspired by his actions and works. 


As an organization, we chose to embrace this charism and asked the Congregation of the Christian Brothers for permission to do so. ​Since our inception in 2013, we have worked hand-in-hand with the CB's, reaching hundreds of thousands of people across the Edmund Rice Network and in CBC schools. We are proud members of this network, and thank the Christian Brothers for their phenomenal partnership over the years.


*Please note that although the Christian Brothers are our core partners, we are not a Catholic organization under the auspices of any archdiocese or church. 

We are an independent non-profit organization, registered with the South African Department of Social Development, under the full autonomy of our Board of Governors. 


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