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The Justice Desk (TJD) has impacted the lives of over 1,4 million people in just 8 short years.

This includes the training and equipping of 263,452 people to become everyday activists who are actively leading their own change.

During this time, TJD has released 49 advocacy videos and educational materials that have further educated people across South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the rest of the world on their fundamental human rights.

TJD currently runs 6 specialised projects across the communities we work closely with. 



These projects continue to positively impact the lives of survivors of rape and gender-based violence, young boys without positive male role models, as well as elderly, disabled, and sickly people from vulnerable, under-served communities.


Over the past three years, 1004 young girls who are survivors of rape and gender-based violence have received mental health support, human rights training and self-defense classes through The Mbokodo Project. 

With the recently launched The Ntsika yeThemba Project, 216 young boys without father figures have been mentored by positive male role models and trained to be human rights champions.

Through The Umoya Project, 1052 elderly, sick, disabled and abandoned people have received support and direct services from the TJD team and volunteers.

TJD’s Youth Ambassadors Project is currently running in 42 schools and has 148 “Youth Ambassadors”, young people who we have mentored to become incredible defenders of human rights across South Central Africa.

Our YA’s alongside 104 Advocacy Teachers further empower and equip their schools and communities with human rights education through guided campaigns, standing up for the rights of other children. 

TJD has had over 300 active volunteers in the last 3 years who have assisted in life-changing projects and human rights training.

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The Justice Desk runs various projects under three key focus areas: