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No child, when asked what they want most in this world should have this as an answer.

Unfortunately, it is one we hear too often.

Justice Desk Africa believes that all children should have access to their fundamental human rights.


We aim to educate, equip and empower young people from across Africa to stand up against human rights violations within their schools, communities and countries. We do this with our Youth Ambassadors Project.

"I want to be safe."

What is the Youth Ambassadors Project?

The Youth Ambassadors Project began in 2013 with the intention of empowering young people across Africa to stand up for their human rights and the rights of others.


This project works to recognise the power of our youth. It is no secret that our youth are capable of bringing about extraordinary change on the local, national and international level. We believe that young people are pillars of change and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. The project aims to educate our youth about the past and present injustices within our societies, while also igniting their passion for social justice and human rights activism.


The Youth Ambassadors Project currently works in 10 countries across Africa, with 30 Justice Schools, 35 Advocacy Teachers, and around 120 Youth Ambassadors.


The countries we work in include South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia and Ghana.

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What is a Youth Ambassador?

A Youth Ambassador is a young person who has been chosen by their school to partake in the Youth Ambassadors Project. When a young person is appointed as a Youth Ambassador within their school, it means that they have taken up a position of leadership. These Youth Ambassadors are the face of youth activism within their school context.


The Youth Ambassadors, alongside their Justice Society, are required to complete a Justice Curriculum, which covers important topics that every young person should know when standing up for human rights.

These topics include:

· Human rights

· Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

· Information about their country-specific legal systems

· Campaigning

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What is a Justice School?

A Justice School is a school that Justice Desk Africa has partnered with in order to introduce prospective young students to the Youth Ambassadors Project. The teachers and principals within the Justice School will work alongside our Youth Ambassadors during their time in the project. Each Justice School will set up a Justice Society that will work alongside and learn with the Youth Ambassadors.

What is a Justice Society?

Each Justice School is supported to set up a Justice Society that is guided by the Youth Ambassadors. These societies will allow numerous students across the school to run campaigns and other human rights focused initiatives.

What is an Advocacy Teacher?

An Advocacy Teacher is a teacher that has been appointed a mentorship and leadership position within their Justice School and Society. These teachers guide our Youth Ambassadors on their campaign journeys and further equip them with the necessary skills needed to be an everyday activist and human rights defender.

What is a Lead Ambassador?

Once graduating from the Youth Ambassadors Project, exceptional students will be given the opportunity to become a Lead Ambassador. To become a Lead Ambassador, a Youth Ambassador would have to show immense potential and dedication, as well as a considerable interest in human rights and achieving justice. These Lead Ambassadors will inspire the current Youth Ambassadors in their journey of social justice, as well as serving an example for the impact of justice work.

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