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Did you know that Justice Desk Africa was inspired by BTS? They are a South Korean boy band who, through their music, have inspired countless people to love themselves, love others and make a difference. After hearing RM of BTS speak at The United Nations, we launched the Mbokodo Project, that supports hundreds of girl survivors of rape and gender-based violence.

The BTS Army of South Africa raised the first few funds needed to start the Mbokodo Project and physically volunteer as mentors to girls in the project. They are trained by Justice Desk Africa in how to identify trauma triggers, how to educate and empower our girls, as well as how to care for and mentor young survivors of rape. 


BTS ARMY from across South Africa surrounded the project with love, volunteering to mentor and support the girls in the project. 

Celebrating Korea - South Africa partnerships


Using platforms to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and be heard


No matter who you are, you are important and matter


'I am because you are' - the power of collective action

Cultural Soft Power of Korea The South K
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Justice Desk Africa has had a strong connection to South Korea through many of its volunteers, interns, support networks, and project participants - many of whom have been inspired by Korean music and culture, showing the incredible impact of Korea’s soft power across the globe.

We have formed strong ties with The Korean Embassy and his Excellency Ambassador Chull-Joo Park here in South Africa and our goal is to truly amplify the continent of Africa and the potential of
Korea-African partnerships. Justice Desk Africa and the Korean Embassy have and will continue to work together, strengthening the love and Ubuntu connection between South Africa and South Korea!

#ARMYforMbokodo is an initiative to create a network of BTS ARMY across the world to help and support our mission to end gender-based violence in South Africa. Since South Africa has the highest rate of gender-based violence cases globally and we're currently experiencing femicide where a woman is murdered approximately every 3 hours.

Through our Big Sister Program we're looking to form a community of BTS ARMY members to support our Mbokodo girls through their journey to become changemakers and leaders within their communities.

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Take a photo of your letter and email it to us. Soon after you'll receive a response from
Take a photo of your letter and email it to us. Soon after you'll receive a response from

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CEO heading to South Korea

CEO heading to South Korea

Seoul BTS Conference Press Release

Seoul BTS Conference Press Release

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