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What is it


“I want to be safe”


No child, when asked what they want most in this world should have this as an answer. Unfortunately, it is one we hear too often.

The Justice Desk believes that all children have the right to be protected!

We challenge the desensitisation of child abuse and the limited knowledge of safeguarding mechanisms through child-focused lobbying, child protection training, educational material creation and The Justice Desk’s Youth Ambassador Project: 

Children fighting for the rights of children.

Our Projects

In order to address Children's Rights,
The Justice Desk runs the following community-based projects:
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The Justice Desk’s “Youth Ambassadors Project” builds a generation of young changemakers through empowering young people in various high schools, to become ‘Everyday Activists’, using their voices to stand up for the rights of other children!


The majority of the schools we work with are vulnerable schools where human rights violations are more prevalent.

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