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Human Rights 100

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Justice Desk Africa turned 10 years old on the 21st of March 2023, Human Rights Day!

This is a huge milestone for us as a Human Rights non-profit so we want to celebrate our achievements and raise funds for all of the incredible work we are and will achieve! It is the perfect time to raise awareness, raise funds, celebrate the work being done and commemorate those who have kept the fire of hope alive!

Our plan: The Human Rights 100.

Positive change results from collective action, so that is why we will be asking 100 companies or individuals to pledge R10 000 each so that we can reach our birthday target of R1 Million in 2023! What better way to celebrate the decade than to partner with an incredible group of human-centred, passionate and conscious companies and individuals to join us and pledge as a part of the 100!

If you partner with or donate to Justice Desk Africa, you are supporting projects that are:

✔Working to end gender-based violence in a holistic & transformative way!

✔Promoting children’s rights and their safety!

✔Equipping & educating children and youth to challenge human rights violations & address the root causes of systemic injustice!

✔Equipping survivors of gender-based violence to heal and feel empowered!

✔Promoting mental health and well-being!

✔ Building healthy norms!

✔Educating young boys on positive forms of masculinity and addressing the root causes of violence!

The list goes on!

Our network of project heroes is constantly growing and in order to change more lives we need YOU!

Each member of The Human Rights 100 will:

• Be issued a Section 18A certificate (we are a registered PBO)

• Be issued with an SED (Socio-economic Development) certificate (we are BBBEE- Level 1)

• Be featured on our website, social media, newsletters and press releases throughout the month of March for Human Rights Month (with your permission)

• Form part of a network of incredible companies and organisations who are all about creating longstanding impact!

Can we count on you to pledge R10 000? To sign up today, contact our Fundraising & Partnership Officer at We are looking forward to working alongside you as we celebrate a decade of transformation. Here’s to another 10 years of positive change!

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Carroll Hartman
Carroll Hartman
Jul 18, 2023

Keep those positive possibilities at the front of your mind to push out the spacebar clicker.

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