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Petrina Pakoe voted in as Justice Desk Africa's new Chairperson!

On the 6th of December 2023, Petrina Pakoe was voted in as the new Chairperson of Justice Desk Africa's Board of Governors!

Petrina Pakoe is a community development practitioner passionate about children and social justice. She started her career in the medical field, specialising in obstetrics and phlebotomy. She developed her skills in small business training, mentoring and coaching, fundraising and organisational development working for the Social Development Programme of the Anglican Church, HOPE Africa.

Petrina strongly advocates for gender justice, social justice and children's rights. She serves as a trustee of a youth development programme called G.O.A.L, initiated the national gender-based violence network: “We Will Speak Out “and was the South African representative for the international programme Community of the Cross of Nails. She still serves on the Community of the Cross of Nails national network. Petrina also serves as a member of an international interfaith network organisation, United Religious Initiative (URI) building sustainable peace by encouraging cooperation that bridges religious and cultural differences. She assists in facilitating international cross-cultural dialogue.

She has worked abroad in the medical profession over the years and has travelled extensively doing international fundraising and developing and managing international partnerships between donors and recipients. She has vast experience working with government and municipal departments in developing and supporting programmes for the upliftment of communities.

Petrina has been the Director of Peninsula School Feeding Association since 2015, an organisation where she had served as a board member for 10 years before her appointment as Director. She is also a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa, where she attends continuous workshops and seminars relating to board governance and legislative changes.

She was voted onto Justice Desk Africa's Board of Governors in 2019, serving loyally on the Boards Programs and Fundraising Committee. After 5 outstanding years of service on the Board, she was officially voted in as Chairperson on the 6th of December 2023.

Justice Desk Africa's CEO, Jessica Dewhurst, had this to say on the appointment:

"I am absolutely thrilled with Petrina's appointment. I cannot think of anyone more deserving, qualified and brilliant for the position! Having served alongside Petrina since 2019, I have witnessed her unwavering commitment, exemplary leadership, and invaluable contributions to the organisation. Petrina's dedication to the principles of justice, equality, and human rights is evident in her thoughtful decision-making and strategic insights during her tenure on the board. She is one of the reasons why we are who we are today, and I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes as Chairperson".

We would like to thank our previous Chair, Mayibuye Magwaza, for all of his phenomenal work as our Chairperson for so many years, as well as congratulate Petrina on her new appointment. With such outstanding leaders, we are confident that Justice Desk Africa will continue to thrive into our next 10 years!

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