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Insights and Experiences: One Year with the Justice Desk & Beyond

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Working at The Justice Desk gives me the possibility to share my ideas and see them shaped by others with whom I share a common goal. This organisation is the best instrument for me to develop my passion for people and realising equal human rights. Plus, I’m given tremendous daily support by co-workers.

The Justice Desk is transforming, leading to tons of new tasks and challenges. I enjoy working with passionate people with diversified expertise, which activates my imagination and energy – and makes me feel unique!

We don’t bother with differences in age or level, everyone is reachable and willing to share ideas and experience – everything from sharing personal stories, current affairs, human rights, sports and our favourite music.

Thanks to the management team, I’ve been given the opportunity to work freely and feel the freedom of exchanging of ideas. Also, good work is noticed with an accolade. I had the honor of receiving an award for my incredible efforts which have made Mbokodo Club possible, which motivates me to commit and contribute even more than usual.

As Bridging Coordinator, I’m responsible for ensuring that key projects for The Justice Desk developed, implemented and run successfully. In September last year, we had privileged to meet and engage with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who visited the Mbokodo Club project in the Nyanga township. We spoke about the transformative power of collaborating with young women, to reverse the impact of Gender-Based Violence.

It’s been a joyful year, and I look forward to creating many more memories!

Yours in Justice, 

Malcom Gertse

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