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To do our work, we rely on the amazing donations of both individuals and companies who believe in us, and our mission to create a more just and equal world. Every day, as a society, we vote for what we believe in through our actions, words and choices. We, as The Justice Desk, are asking you to consider us within your everyday choices. Your vote will ensure that our project heroes can continue to thrive to the best of their abilities, all because you believed in them! The Justice Club is a group of incredible people who sign up as monthly donors. Each quarter, our monthly donors receive packages that include gifts, letters, a

nd updates from people involved in our projects. ​This is the BEST way to support us! The three benefits of joining The Justice Club:

  1. Creating long-term change

  2. Exclusive benefits at Justice Desk events.

  3. Personalised reminders of the support you have given.

We make choices each day that define us, let this be one of your defining moments.

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