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Meet Edmore and Nyasha, the Lord and Lady of the Justice Desk Africa Manor.

How long have you been together? And how long have you been with Justice Desk Africa? Edmore: We have been together for nine years now, since 2014. In terms of working with Justice Desk Africa, Nyasha has been here for two months now, and this is my second year with JDA.

And what drew you to Justice Desk Africa? Edmore: Through a friend I heard Jessica was looking for someone to look after the premises. And now I get to work with the kids as well, which I enjoy

How does working with Justice Desk Africa bring the two of you together?

Edmore: So before I was staying alone here, So, I think they decide that I can't be alone here while I'm married. That's why they suggested to me to bring my wife here so that we can stay together and we can work for Justice Desk Africa as we do now.

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