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Meet Sarah and Motse, our Projects Queen and African King

How long have you been together and with JDA? (and in what capacity)

I started volunteering in the Mbokodo Project in 2021 then joined JDA as Projects Manager in 2023 and Motse joined iNtsika as a volunteer in September 2022, he's now a team lead.

What drew you to JDA?

What made JDA stand out as an organization for me was the sustainability side of the projects: empowering young people so they become everyday activists & bring the changes their communities need. I truly believe in giving young people the tools they need to lead the change around them. Motse had been wanting to mentor boys for a while, as it's something he lacked growing up, and when he met me he thought this is the perfect occasion & really liked the project as it aligned perfectly with what he'd been wanting to do.

How does Justice work bring you together?

Being part of JDA highlights our common values, the fact that we care about people, and that we want to do our part to bring some change in the world. Seeing the excitement & passion in each other's eyes after a session is pure magic!

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