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The Justice Desk's Interview with eNCA: '16 Voices in 16 Days Campaign'

Our CEO and Founder Jessica Dewhurst was interviewed on eNCA news about our #16DaysOfActivism campaign '16 voices in 16 Days!

Whilst we recognise that 16 Days alone is not enough, we also recognise that it is a start. We have seen that when one voice sounds, many voices echo, bringing with them a wave of positive change.

That is why for 16 Days of Activism our campaign “16 voices for 16 days” is calling on incredible voices to start the conversation and inspire others to do the same. Individually, we are strong but as a collective we are unstoppable. Let us start for 16 days and continue the fight for another 365!

Watch the video below:

Head to our various social media's @thejusticedesk to follow our campaign!

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