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THE JUSTICE DESK WINS BIG: The Laureus Sport for Good SA Summit

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The Justice Desk recently won the Sport for Peace Recognition Award at the Laureus Sport for Good SA Summit 2022. Our CDO, Kayla Brittan, attended the event on behalf of The Justice Desk. You can read her account of this incredible event below:

We won, in more ways than one this month! The Justice Desk took home the Sport for Peace Recognition Award at the Laureus Sport for Good South Africa Summit. The award celebrated the incredible impact The Mbokodo Project for girl survivors of rape and GBV has had over the last year! But, do you know what made this achievement even sweeter, other than Corné Krige telling me how wonderful the project is and that he voted for us to win!? I was able to head straight to the Level 3 Mbokodo Camp after the summit and give the award to the true changemakers – The Mbokodo Project girls and the Mbokodo graduates, Amagorhakazi! They were over the moon!

The summit was a celebration, a celebration of the good that has been happening. Twenty years of Laureus, twenty years of supporting, networking, funding, inspiring and motivating. I heard stories from phenomenal humans who have been part of the 20-year journey, who continue to create platforms and opportunities for others. I have no doubt that they will continue for the next many milestones. The Laureus team and ambassadors shared powerful messages of determination, the importance of knowing one’s worth, asking for and accepting help and never giving up– and that is often a message that is needed in the non-profit sector. The work being done is tough, but it is important and it is necessary for us to keep going and keep working together.

I was mingling with sport legends (on and off the field), well established career professionals and incredible representatives from South African NPOs and they showed so much genuine interest in the work being done by The Justice Desk! This speaks to the power and importance of our work! All the milestone celebrations reminded me that The Justice Desk is heading into its 10th year in 2023 and I could not help but sit back and reflect on how far we have come and how far I hope we will go in the next decade. Let’s face it, with the wonderful supporters, project heroes and everyday activists we have the pleasure of working alongside, the next ten years will be something to watch!

It was such an impactful experience and it cemented the fact that we are fortunate to be supported by a foundation that truly believes in the importance of the work being done on the ground. I was re-inspired, re-motivated and refreshed after the beautifully thought-out program that created space for synergy, learning and celebration. The Justice Desk was one of the newbies in the room, having only been part of the network for one year – but that did not matter, I was met with such kindness and the Sport for Good Ambassadors, guest speakers and team made every second memorable. It was such a powerful summit that showcased the work of so many phenomenal non-profit organisations who work tirelessly in the pursuit of positive social and political change. Sport and art are powerful tools that, when accompanied with education, can and are changing this world- I left the summit truly believing that!

Sport for good, collective action for good, people for good – that is what the summit was all about!

Kayla Brittan

Chief Donor Officer

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