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This Youth Month The Justice Desk's Activ8 worked alongside and was inspired by Jaha Dukureh and Uzodinma Iweala ( both high-profile changemakers and activists from The New Now, incubated by Virgin Unite, which includes human rights activists, environmental activists, scientists, and more, and through collaboration they work to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time) who came down to South Africa to partner with our Activ8 to ensure that their voices are further amplified, heard, and that their agenda is implemented.

From the many projects run by The Justice Desk, and out of the thousands of young activists in our campaigns, 8 changemakers were chosen to form TJD’s Activ8 movement. The Activ8 is a group of young human rights defenders (ages 15-19), who have done tremendous advocacy work and have chosen to champion and raise awareness of various issues that affect children in our world today. They are committed to creating long-lasting change and dedicating their lives to advocating for the fundamental human rights of all people!

Jaha and Uzo's visit to The Justice Desk, and their collaboration with our young people, was a tremendous showing of support for our work and our mission. We saw the excitement, passion, and fire of young people further ignited and the experience was one that will forever be a highlight to everyone involved.

This Youth Month and beyond, we need to recognize the power our youth hold. We need to better invest in our children and youth in our countries so that we can create a network of incredible human rights defenders and leaders.

Our Youth can change this world, they just need your support!

Watch the highlight video of their visit below:

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Kennedy Ira
Kennedy Ira
14 de jun.

Young people are truly so talented. baldi


David Smith
David Smith
07 de set. de 2022

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