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Our Founder & CEO Jessica Dewhurst, awarded Glamour Women of the Year

On the 23rd of November 2019 Glamour Magazine hosted its 10th annual Glamour women of the year ceremony. Ten category award winners were announced. Women of South Africa were celebrated for their incredible achievements and the awards ceremony served as a reminder that the power of women should never be underestimated.

Jessica Dewhurst, the founder and CEO of The Justice Desk was awarded the first trophy of the evening as she was named Glamour Women of the Year in the Goodwill and Activism Category. Jessica started the Human Rights NPO, The Justice Desk in 2013 in response to the growing need for human rights education and trainings. She recognised that systemic injustice was (and still is) preventing people from accessing their human rights! She wanted to address this in a sustainable, community-driven and community-owned way. Over the past 6 years, Jessica and her team at The Justice Desk have impacted the lives of over 220 000 people across South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe!

Jessica Dewhurst chose to accept the award on behalf of the incredible women she has the privilege of working alongside, those who fight for change they may not see in their lifetimes; in the hopes that there will be a fair and equal future for generations to come.

Jessica acknowledged the power of women in our society by saying:

“South African women are our unsung heroes of everyday activism. Women are the ones who gather together, each and every day to support & love one another. And when we seek refuge in each other, we feed the fuel needed to keep up the fight. It’s the women who are the first to peacefully march; women who fill the courtrooms demanding justice; & women who are paving the way for our future children of this country. It’s the gogo’s, aunties, mothers, sisters, daughters, trans women…It’s you, it’s me, it’s the women sitting next to you – its each and every one of us. Somehow men continue to try to convince us that we are second class citizens & that we are weak. They build structures & systems of oppression to try and control and repress the power of women. For too long there has been a WAR WAGED on the bodies of women and the girl child. To those men, we say enough. You can try to cage us, but you will never break us. To our women, never forget that you are a warrior, among a powerful sisterhood of South African women who have gone before you. Your power is stronger than you know. Please, never, never, ever give up – because we need you now more than ever!”

The Justice Desk is grateful for the recognition of the work of the organisation and the creation of a platform for women to be celebrated and inspired!

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